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Novaminds, sponsor of the Haitian Ski Team at the 2021 World Championships in Italy

Published on 17/02/2021 à 16:55

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Haiti Ski, a team of 4 skiers, is carrying a message of hope for the local population of Haiti which is rebuilding itself since the earthquake in 2010. Their objective: to prove that everything is possible by surpassing themselves during a sporting event at very high level, just as Haitians surpass themselves to continue to live in face of difficulties.

Novaminds is proud to count among its employees, one of these skiers: Jean-Pierre Roy alias "Rasta Piquet", who created the Haitian Ski Federation in 2010 with Thierry Montillet, thus becoming the first Haitian skier to participate in the World Ski Championships.

Novaminds is committing itself to Team Haiti Ski by becoming its sponsor for the 2021 Cortina Alpine World Ski Championships.

Through this sponsorship, Novaminds is supporting the development of sport and education in Haiti, while highlighting the commitment of its employees in high-level competition.

Boldness, Cohesion, Authenticity and Surpassing oneself are all values shared by Novaminds and Haiti Ski.

Novaminds sends all its encouragement to Céline, Jean-Pierre, Mackenson and Richardson at the World Championships.

About Novaminds

Novaminds is a key player in Cyber-Security, Risk Management, Compliance and Data Protection consulting. The thought leadership of Novaminds is recognized in the financial sector. Novaminds supports players in banks and insurance companies, by offering a tailor-made service offering in a context of strengthening regulation, transformation and digitalization of companies.



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