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11-Year-Old Vietnamese Art Prodigy Shatters Sales Records, Paintings Over $150k – NYC Solo Exhibition Dec 19th

Published on 12/10/2019, 5:02 PM

Heo Chu

xeo chuNEW YORK – The 11-year-old Vietnamese art prodigy, Xeo Chu, is shattering sales records with paintings over $150k. He will debut his first NYC solo exhibition, “Big World, Little Eyes,” at the prestigious Georges Bergès Gallery (GBG) on Thursday, December 19th 2019.

Characterized by explosions of color and texture, Chu’s abstract paintings translate the world around him through an innocent, fresh perspective. In this solo exhibition, Chu shares his dynamic perspective as a young boy in a vast world through his immense paintings, some of which extend across polyptychs more than 15 feet in length.

This young, accomplished artist continues to surprise and delight his exceptional international following of collectors. His canvases are limned in energetic wonder. Though he is still small, his vision of the world is nothing short of colossal.

Known as the next Pollock, Chu approached painting at the age of 4, before ever learning of Pollock and the abstract expressionists. He paints as Pollock did, squeezing pigment onto canvases laid on the floor or propped against walls, as well as employing brushes, water and textured strokes of a palette knife. Chu’s NYC exhibition will follow GBG’s current “Three Mile Harbor Road” exhibition on the friendship and collaboration among Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Nicolas Carone and will precede the upcoming Sylvester Stallone exhibition.


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Located in the heart of New York's historic SoHo neighborhood, as well as Germany’s cultural capital, Berlin, Georges Bergès Gallery features an inspiring cadre of consequential living artists from all around the world, whose works appear in prestigious museums, instin1tions, and private collections. Georges Bergès Gallery introduces collectors to the art and artists that will come to define tomorrow's artworld. Monumental forthcoming exhibitions include ''Three Mile Harbor Road," featuring works of Nicolas Carone and Jackson Pollock and a rare collaboration painted by the two artists in 1954.


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Published on 12/10/2019, 5:02 PM on 24presse.com
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