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50 Artists 50 Masterworks - 9 au 13 octobre 2019 Espace 24b - Paris

Published on 01/10/2019 à 10:16

On the occasion of this first major Parisian exhibition, we bring together 50 recognised international artists and others who deserve to be. The thematic and stylistic diversity of the works of these contemporary artists reflects a certain spectral image of humanity.

Each painter, sculptor and photographer chooses a masterwork to be represented by, providing an innovative dimension to our event. We asked the artists to record a video, or to present a text relating their work. This approach helps to create a dynamic of connection between art works and the public.

Our exhibition takes place in the Louvre district at Espace 24b where 250m2 is distributed in several rooms to present our selection of works to the general public, amateurs and art collectors. The works will also be available for sale on the multimedia catalog of the Galerie Événementielle website.

About Galerie Événementielle

SAS Galerie Événementielle was founded by Farhad Khoshkhou and Samson Marzbani to promote new concepts of art exhibitions for international artists.



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Khoshkhou Farhad
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