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Artebooking.com is strengthening its position in the art market and innovating all the way

Publié le 29/11/2017 à 11:17

One year after its launch, the international portal artebooking.com has passed its market test with more than 10,000 works of art online already - the creations of professional artists, both established and up-and-coming. This visibility is evident from its excellent referencing, artebooking.com is in the top five (EU) in search engines using generic keywords.
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The originality of this marketplace lies in its attachment to the user experience and the use of the latest technology: native connection to social networks, reducing search times through artificial intelligence and online payment extended to include bitcoins etc.
Artebooking.com sets itself apart from other art sales websites by offering an original concept: an international artistic network, just for professionals, that doubles as a marketplace enabling those involved in the art world to promote their services, to network and to sell works of art online.

The professional social network is free and is open to artists, galleries, exhibition curators, institutions and artists' collectives. The primary goal is to guarantee those involved visibility between professionals and vis-à-vis collectors.

Artebooking offers a unique economic model in this sector: commission-free online sales enabling artists and gallery owners to exploit the marketplace together. The platform is funded by the premium services it offers professionals.

An advantage for the art collector

In this portal, the art collector will find a variety of works offered by artists and gallery owners, all professional, from 80 different countries. Commission-free online sales also enable them to access quality works directly in financially advantageous conditions.

Another, much-appreciated, innovation is that on top of traditional search facilities, the platform offers the visitor a research engine using artificial intelligence to enable them to save significant amounts of time when searching. Conceptual and graphics analysis track not only similarities but similar conceptions. Approximation rules combine expert knowledge and automatic search engine analysis.

At the end of 2017 the platform is adding a new feature: as well as accepting online payment in euros and dollars, it will also accept payment by bitcoin, automatically converted to euros or dollars when payment is made to the seller. This development will attract a younger and more hyper-connected clientele while guaranteeing sellers they will receive payment in traditional currencies.

A portal fit for professionals

Professionals can access a platform enabling them to present their business, services or works as well as publications and exhibitions, not forgetting the integrated social network, connected and complementary to traditional, generalist social networks. Artebooking's exclusive services also include promoting members on these networks so as to give them optimal visibility thanks to the more than one million views every month.

And the platform offers professionals connectors enabling them to publish works just once and have it appear on the platform, on the website or, for example, on Instagram.

Synchronisation and publication is carried out automatically by the platform on other spaces leading to substantial time-saving in portfolio management.

About Artebooking

Founded in 2016 by art historian and exhibition curator Jacqueline Maltzahn, Artebooking is an international network for professionals in the artistic community that doubles as a marketplace. Artebooking is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Jacqueline started from a basic observation: professionals spend considerable amounts of time on communication, building contacts and developing their network. Recent years have also been marked by the globalisation of supply and demand, associated with an increase in the power of online sales, shaking up traditional economic models based around sales through galleries and exhibitions.

Artebooking is the first platform to operate in step with this change, offering a professional global and international network, multiplying visibility through networks and offering back-up to traditional models. "We don't believe the Internet is the answer to everything," explains Jacqueline. "But traditional economic models need powerful tools so that they can broadcast their action, or they will disappear." Artebooking enables stakeholders in the art market to spot talent or to gain visibility with other professionals and to push direct sales from the studio or gallery. The no-commission concept plays a vital role here.

However, if you were to remember just one thing it should be that Artebooking's mission is to give its members visibility on the international, digital marketplace!

Press kit: www.artebooking.com/press.html

Presentation video: www.artebooking.com/press.html

URL: www.artebooking.com

Marketing & partnerships

Jacqueline Maltzahn
Email : jacqueline.maltzahn@artebooking.com

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MALTZAHN Jacqueline


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