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Firme VisionÈre, recognized in Canada for its innovative HSE management chooses Virtual Training Suite to accelerate its 4.0 offer

Published on 01/18/2022, 3:25 PM

Serious Factory continues its development in Canada, by sealing a strategic partnership with Firme VisionÈre. By choosing Virtual Training Suite, the Consulting firm develops and deploys immersive and interactive training solutions in the area of Health, Safety and Environment.

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A partnership focused on learning innovation

Firme VisionÈre’s mission: to enable OHS / HSE employees to gain skills more quickly and to work more safely. To do this, innovation is at the heart of the firm's actions and it is only natural that the company chose the VTS Editor creation software to develop training simulations and serious games. Its Health and Safety at Work expertise, combined with new Digital Learning technologies from Serious Factory, is focused on optimization, saving time and taking preventive action with a zero accidents goal in sight. 

At the forefront of interactive, immersive and gamified training, the firm works with a multidisciplinary team including developers, engineers, senior OHS advisers, learning experts, graphic designers, and experts in environmental protection and with specialized tools such as Virtual Training Suite to innovate and be the go-to partner around all HSE services.

Training that is off the beaten path 

With VTS Editor, Firme VisionÈre focuses on personalized learning design of all types. From welcome and onboarding in a 4.0 company, to the development of interactive OHS capsules to animate and raise awareness, including risk analyzes, lockout, etc. The company is making every effort to design a new type of online training, which goes off the beaten track and whose cornerstone is placing the learner in action.

Some parts of the training are immersive thanks to 360° technology or Virtual Reality (key features of VTS Editor), allowing the learner to be projected into his professional environment as if he were there. This maximizes his engagement and memory retention, which allows him to anchor the knowledge acquired over time and make it immediately actionable in the field.

The choice of an agile and disruptive software solution 

By choosing VTS Editor for the design of its digital training courses and VTS Perform for their deployment, Firme VisionÈre wishes to offer a new generation approach and learning content. Content accessible anywhere and anytime, on desktop or mobile, which puts learners at the center of their training through active involvement.

VTS Perform gives Firme VisionÈre the possibility of offering its major clients a management platform where client account administrators can deploy training activities independently and easily follow up on assigned training, while having access to a multitude of statistical data, in particular qualitative, specific to the Learning Experience Platform.

Learner monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the training 

With regard to these training activities, they are designed in such a way that the learner must reach the minimum threshold of 80% at the assessment of each section, before being able to undertake the next section. Thus, the learner who succeeds in completing the training is granted a validation certificate to then carry out the work for which he is responsible.

With VTS Editor, Firme VisionÈre indicates that a large majority of its presentations made to its clients translate into a contract. The interactive dimension of these immersive and gamified training simulations is arousing interest and excitement. At present, for the firm, a large number of projects are already planned or in the process of being designed, in various fields besides OSH. 

About Serious Factory

Serious Factory is a publisher of innovative learning and training solutions. Thanks to its expertise in educational engineering and gamification, Serious Factory supports its clients throughout the training program to make it truly effective: knowledge acquisition (Digital Learning, Serious Games, Blended-Learning modules, etc.), development and skills strengthening (practical work, behavioral simulator, etc.), updating of content and daily skills monitoring.

More information on http://www.seriousfactory.com

About Firme VisionÈre

Firm VisionÈre supports organizations in health, safety and environment, counceling for the optimization of HSE and VPO processes in the 4.0 era.

The OHS training offered by the firm is at the cutting edge of technology and new learning strategies. It offers a tailor-made training design service as well as a management platform.

The company is also a distributor of ISO management, risk analysis and lockout software, as well as security equipment.

More information on https://www.visionere4.com


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