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Microsoft and Serious Factory enter into a commercial partnership

Publié le 21/07/2021 à 15:50

Serious Factory has obtained Co-Sell Ready status from Microsoft for its VTS Editor software to meet the needs of the global digital learning market.

In 2021, Serious Factory joined the Microsoft for Startups program, which aims to help startups grow and expand their network. After evaluating the projects of already-equipped customers, Microsoft confirmed the power of the VTS Editor authoring software and awarded Serious Factory the status of Co-Sell Ready partner. Through this partnership, Serious Factory will work directly with Microsoft's sales teams to accelerate the commercialization of VTS Editor via the Microsoft Appsource marketplace, which is available in 141 countries.

A partnership for the digital transformation of training 

"This partnership with Microsoft is an important step in reaching the global education and training community," said William Peres, CEO of Serious Factory. "The coveted status of Co-Sell Ready partner confirms VTS Editor's leadership in the digital transformation of training market. We are very proud of this status and collaboration with Microsoft."

A solution to accelerate skills acquisition

As Anthony Virapin, Director of Startup and Publisher Partnerships at Microsoft France, explains, "VTS Editor is one of the solutions for the future world of education". With VTS Editor, Serious Factory allows educational designers to create immersive and gamified experiences in record time, a revolution for the education and professional training sectors. Its priority is to promote interactive experiences that are increasingly engaging and impactful, through realistic scenarios, to accelerate the acquisition of skills.

A technological revolution in instructional design

With its simplified no-code authoring interface, its intelligent scenario blocks, its extensive library of realistic 3D characters and 2D/3D/360°/VR backgrounds, VTS Editor is now the essential authoring software for digital learning experts. The experiences designed can be deployed on LMS, Windows PC, Mac, tablet, mobile, Internet, VR headset, cardboard.

About Serious Factory

Serious Factory is an editor of innovative, pedagogical solutions for training. Thanks to its expertise in pedagogical engineering and “gamification”, Serious Factory assists its customers throughout the entire training program to make it truly effective: knowledge acquisition (Digital Learning modules, Learning games, Blended-Learning...), development and skills reinforcement (practical work, behavioral simulator...), content updates and daily monitoring of skills.

More information at http://www.seriousfactory.com

About Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft integrates startups at the heart of its value proposition and offers them support adapted to their needs through the Microsoft for Startups program. Its objective is to help startups grow, create and expand their network by accompanying them in a partnership approach. This programme grants up to 120,000 dollars in Azure cloud credits, technical support, visibility, but also and above all the opportunity of a real partnership with Microsoft to benefit from its ecosystem and thus reach new customers and new markets. For Microsoft, it is a question of putting the power of its ecosystem of partners and customers at the service of the development of startups.

More information in French at https://experiences.microsoft.fr

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Serious Factory


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