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Sayse announces 1 million euro funding injection to meet the deployment needs of its SD-WAN smart network solution

Publié le 27/09/2017 à 15:04

Sayse announces that Midland Partners has taken an equity stake in the company, initially providing €1M of funding, enabling Sayse to meet rapidly increasing demand from current and prospective customers for the company’s smart network solutions and to pursue its “SDx” (for Software Defined Anything) research and development programme.

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Sayse, which was founded in 2014, is a “pure player” provider of SD-WANs (Software Defined Wide Area Networks). Sayse also plays a key role in the world of French Tech as a market leader and European pioneer in the field of SD-WANs, whereas its competitors primarily come from India and the United States.

SD-WANs represent an innovative way of managing private enterprise networks with internet access, making a disruption from previous technologies while combining enhanced performance, security and availability with the ability to break free of the constraints imposed by a single, proprietary telecom operator. They achieve this through more efficient use of the complete range of telecommunications equipment available via “last mile” public infrastructure.

"Sayse enjoys experience in deploying SD-WAN solutions that is unequalled anywhere in Europe, with over 100 Wide Area Networks migrated last year.

The popularity of our solution is reflected by the rapidly growing number of customers who see it as the best way to ensure more reliable network access with greater performance and lower cost. Everything is operated via the smart arbitrage between various networks across multiple sites that our software makes possible, whereas previously our customers were ‘held captive by a single operator.

With Midland Partners taking a stake in the company, we will be able to meet our customers’ numerous deployment requests, strengthen our market leadership and preserve our technological advantage over our rivals from India and the United States. We are proud to be able to hoist the tricolore flag a little higher thanks to the talent of our techs and engineers. France has an acknowledged leadership position in the IT sector and we firmly expect to demonstrate this further.” Benoît Huart - chief executive officer of Sayse

“Our investment philosophy involves supporting market leading European companies to deliver disruptive solutions that enable their customers to increase their efficiency while lowering costs. This is exactly what Sayse offers by using telecommunications networks as universal gateways to all internet and cloud destinations. Enterprise-level internet access is becoming increasingly critical in view of the way that companies are transferring business-critical resources into the cloud. We were immediately convinced by the extremely positive feedback from their customers, of whom there are already a great many. It goes without saying that these customers value the high performance, reliability, and low cost of Sayse’s solution - but they also appreciate its modular approach, stressing the quality, availability and of Sayse’s customer support team, which assists them as they make the transition.” Pierre Belman, CEO of Midland Partners


SAYS is a new-generation SD-WAN internet operator, offering businesses of all sizes and in all sectors the opportunity to create and customize their own internet access and wide area network solutions to achieve 100% availability.

Sayse transforms all IP access points within the enterprise into high performance, secure universal gateways to all cloud providers worldwide.


Midland Partners is a European investment holding company that has a decade of specialist experience in technological and industrial innovations. For example, in France, Midland’s investments have already successfully supported the MYD’L Group, a European market leader in solutions for people with disabilities.


French Tech is a label given to a new generation of highly talented entrepreneurs who create their own start-ups with ambitions for global leadership. The label is applied to a collective, assembled under the umbrella of an iconic brand, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and developers: in fact, all those who innovate and contribute to the dynamic growth environment of the French startup scene.

French Tech is also an innovative public-sector initiative, which was launched by the Ministry of Economy and Finances in November 2013, to support the startup community with a view to securing a leading position for France among startup nations via three courses of action: bringing together a collective of startups nationwide; accelerating the growth of startup businesses, and extending their reach to promote France and French Tech on an international scale.


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