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Serious Factory revives the Pedagogical Experience with Virtual Training Suite 6.0

Publié le 04/10/2021 à 14:14

With more than 300 customers worldwide and several thousand learners trained, the innovative software solution Virtual Training Suite positions experiential learning as the pedagogical solution in Digital Learning. For this version 6.0, Serious Factory has focused on the Pedagogical Experience in the broadest sense: the comfort and pleasure of scripting for designers, immersion and gamification for learners.

Virtual Training Suite: the answer to the major expectations of immersion and gamification

According to a study conducted by TalentLMS in 2019, 83% of employees who participate in gamified training would be more motivated to perform their mission. This data speaks volumes about the importance of gamification in boosting learner engagement and helping them develop concrete, actionable skills on a daily basis. Whether it's upskilling or reskilling, the quality of a training campaign plays an increasingly active role in giving meaning to employees in the company on the one hand, and to the employer’s brand on the other. A virtuous circle in favor of talent retention.

As the French leader in immersive and gamified digital training, Serious Factory is perpetuating its role as a trusted partner to empower designers, trainers, and business experts in the construction of an innovative educational device, resolutely Blended Learning-oriented and in line with the evolution of hybrid work methods. Virtual Training Suite plays a central role in this approach.

Experiential learning, the key to the success of a Blended Learning 2.0 system

A blended approach to knowledge delivery, including face-to-face and digital, is the key to increasing learner engagement according to 73% of teachers surveyed in a study conducted by Mark in Style. 82% of students agree.

With Virtual Training Suite 6.0, the "Blended" pedagogical device takes on its full meaning. This is due to the pedagogical bias proposed in parallel to the classroom: the easy creation of realistic 3D training simulations, immersing the learner as closely as possible in his or her daily professional life, and playable via a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that meets the current needs and practices of accessing training: anywhere, anytime, via all types of devices and over varying durations.

The authoring tool VTS Editor and VTS Perform, the deployment and statistical analysis platform, now work in perfect synergy to provide a memorable learning experience for both instructional designers and learners.

Ease of creation: instructional designers take center stage with VTS Editor 6.0

Since 2016, VTS Editor's mission has been to allow designers and trainers from organizations of all sizes to intuitively create training simulations, most often in the form of Serious Games with high technical and educational added value.

In addition to the integration of additional characters, design features, and new neural synthesis voices, for this version 6.0, two notable features have been added to the authoring software to offer even more comfort to designers: The Reviewer mode and Universal Export offer considerable time savings and project management comfort to designers, to offer their clients, both internal and external, maximum design agility. On the one hand, with the Reviewer, it is now possible to offer off-line access to users who act as reviewers of a project created with VTS Editor. On the other hand, the one-click Universal Export allows the learning experience to be exported in several formats: online, mobile, and even VR Cardboard.

Fun to learn: VTS Perform 6.0, designed for engaged and better trained learners

According to analysis from Learn Filtered, self-organizing learning environments are a business imperative for any company, especially in the post-COVID-19 era. Building a learning organization means offering employees the opportunity to access a portal through which they can select and consume training based on what they feel they need, at their own pace, and according to their business goals. VTS Perform differs from a traditional LMS platform in this sense by placing the learner at the heart of the educational process.

As a prerequisite: an intuitive and simplified administrator interface and the deployment of various training activities, ranging from training simulations to e-learning, including Serious Games. But the power of VTS Perform lies in its ability to offer rich and advanced Learning Analytics thanks to qualitative interaction statistics: the opportunity to finely monitor the increase in skills of each learner and thus offer effective and truly personalized remediation.

On the learner side, the experience itself has been designed to meet today's needs: a modern VOD-type portal, fully and easily customizable with the company's colors, a configurable push-notifications system to stay informed of updates, and the implementation of new training content, or the possibility of accessing training courses through automatic registration, anonymously and potentially in offline mode via a mobile application.

Virtual Training Suite 6.0 is the pleasure of designing, training, and learning through the most relevant path between digital learning and real-world experience.

About Serious Factory

Serious Factory is a publisher of innovative pedagogical training solutions. Thanks to its expertise in pedagogical engineering and gaming, Serious Factory assists its clients throughout the entire training program to make it truly effective, namely: knowledge acquisition (Digital Learning modules, Serious Games, Blended-Learning...), skills development and reinforcement (practical work, behavioral simulator...), content updating and daily skills monitoring.

More information on https://www.seriousfactory.com/en


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