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Strategic Agility and Collaborative Excellence: A Study of the New Challenges Facing CEOs

Published on 12/10/2018, 5:01 PM

Transformation plans, rapidly developing markets, reactive competitors... What are the new concepts that help senior management execute their strategy while constantly adapting to too rapid changes in their environment? How can their management teams attain collaborative excellence?

Ka Mate Strategy, a consultancy firm specialized in strategy, management and organization, has carried out research with the management teams of companies with a turnover greater than 100 Million euros, highlighting changes in CEO behavior related to these new challenges.

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The time factor and change acceleration

In recent years, many companies have launched major transformation plans to adapt to market developments. The need to adapt is a conviction that is widely shared. Today, there is no longer a need to convince regarding the necessity of change. The problem lies in the accelerated speed of developments in the business environment.

It has now become vital to give companies, and above all the CEO and their management team, the ability to coordinate the implementation of all these changes more quickly and continuously. Upstream, adaptation to the speed of decision making and implementation will require changing methods as well as the instincts, habits, and behavior of management teams.

The study led by Ka Mate Strategy highlights new CEO behavior related to these new challenges.

Practices that are evolving at the rhythm of new challenges

The concerns and challenges facing senior management have changed... Less serene and less inclined to take risks in an uncertain and too competitive world, they sometimes delay making decisions, a general source of discontent both within their management team and organization and with regard to shareholders and clients. Henceforth, a sort of “status quo” is installed, immobilizing the company. There is no more control, the CEO sinks further into solitude and non-action, and the danger of under-performance settles in.

Conscious that their image as leader can be damaged if they are unable to balance short term performance, successful transformation and long-term success, some CEOs are turning towards more relevant and dynamic collaboration concepts. Such concepts generate the commitment of management team members, reinforce their ability to take the initiative and recreate confidence in reporting necessary information to the CEO for quick decision making. The goal is to quickly modify and adapt implementation, decide while being more confident of making the right choice, losing the lost hours spent prevaricating over “false” problems (those that have no direct impact on a major performance lever), etc. In other words, having more time to focus on the real challenges facing the company.


To see the full results of the study and the 4 “Best Practices” of CEOs
who have succeeded in speeding up decision making and implementation, click here


About KA MATE Strategy

Ka Mate Strategy SAS, an international consultancy firm specializing in Strategy, Management and Organization, has been making its mark as advisor to senior business leaders for over fifteen years with its unique Steervision-Center concept.

The CEO of Ka Mate Strategy and Steervision USA, Yves Connan, began his career with an iconic leader, none other than Jack Welch (then CEO of General Electric), before creating his own consultancy firm.

“Influencer” on new strategy execution methodologies and high level facilitator with management teams, his network consists mostly of CEOs and his address book of renowned corporate clients such as Adidas, Safran Group, Bouygues Telecom, Delhaize, Boehringer Ingelheim, Glaxosmithkline, EDF, Eurocopter, Michelin, Naval Energies, Naturex, SBM Offshore, Technip, Banque Centrale de Mauritanie (BCM), Siemens, Solvay, Tractebel, Thales, United Technologies (UTC), and Zodiac Aerospace.

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