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Book : Bible reveals how asteroid 433 Eros threatens to destroy the Earth

Published on 03/07/2014 à 14:08

In his new book, “433 Eros : a warning from the Bible”, author Pierre Chappuis reveals how decoded Biblical texts provide evidence that the near-Earth asteroid 433 Eros threatens to destroy planet Earth. “433 Eros: a warning from the Bible” can be read online for free or purchased for download.


433 Eros is a 13km-wide, 33km-long asteroid that bypasses the Earth every seven years. Although astronomers are aware of the asteroid’s existence and say there is no threat of collision, Pierre Chappuis claims the Bible states the contrary. Based on decoded Biblical texts, he provides evidence that the asteroid does indeed pose a real threat to planet Earth.


coverSoftware applying powerful algorithms

Pierre Chappuis entered the words 433 Eros into a search software programme applying powerful algorithms to seek out corresponding “matrices”, i.e.
words associated with the asteroid’s name, in the Hebrew version of the Torah. This process brought up words such as “Earth”, “apocalypse”, “shock”, “fear” and also “judgment”, as well as a Biblical verse from Exodus 15:16 “Terror and dread will fall upon them”.

Four years of research

Over a period of four years, the author studied and deciphered these coded messages and the results of his efforts are contained in the book “433 Eros: a warning from the Bible”. The 50-page work includes numerous illustrations and describes the different stages of the investigation process and the conclusions reached by Pierre Chappuis, which ultimately point to the Apocalypse. Luckily, the author also provides solutions for avoiding this fate.

Digital book, available in English and French

A digital version of“433 Eros” is available for download for €2.49 or can be read free online under the title “433 Eros: a threat to the Earth?” at A French version of the book is also available and entitled “Eros 433, le code” or “Eros 433: une menace pour la Terre?”

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