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JEMS Group strengthens its digital positioning by acquiring a majority shareholding in BROCELIA

Publié le 05/06/2018 à 17:41

In doing so, JEMS broadens both its offer and presence in the entertainment, media, pharmaceutical and insurance sectors.
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“Brocelia fast forwards our construction of a digital transformation pole in France. Brocelia brings us the expertise to roll out sophisticated web and mobile projects that complete our offer” declared Eléna GIHAN, founder of JEMS Group.

“The merger marks an important stage in the development of Brocelia: the complementarity of both companies in the areas of Design Thinking, Big Data and digital applications creates a major player in the digital transformation of companies. Our teams are excited about the challenges they face to become a French leader in this field” said Frédéric FAUQUET, Jean-Yves NICOL and Laurent DUFOUR associate directors of Brocelia.

About Brocelia
Brocelia, digital agency created in 1997, works with companies on their digital transformation journey. Their UX, Design and Web/mobile application experts implement sophisticated digital and interconnected projects.

The company employs 50 experts in Paris and Toulouse with a turnover of €4.5 million. Brocelia’s portfolio includes prestigious clients such as Gaumont Pathé cinemas, Véolia, Hachette, Gras Savoye and laboratories such as Vétoquinol.


About JEMS
Created in 2002, JEMS delivers expertise in innovation, Big Data, Cloud and DevOps at each key step in the projects of large customer accounts.

Present in France, Great Britain and the US, JEMS estimates a €45 million turnover in 2018 with 470 employees. JEMS forecasts strong growth on the market over the next 5 years thanks to the new positioning and is on the lookout for new opportunities.

JEMS group - 8 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine, France

Brocelia - 32 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris, France


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