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Optimiso, software partner for internal control of companies and administrations

Published on 11/21/2018, 1:47 PM

The effects of failing internal control are varied and are well identified by decision makers: disclosure of confidential information, unexpected financial losses, fraud, uncontrolled risk, bankruptcy or employees prosecuted by the courts. A new exclusive module of the Optimiso software allows companies to obtain a snapshot of the performance of controls in one click, greatly reducing the risk of errors or fraud.

With over 12 years specialising in the development of solutions for ISO certifications, risk management, and the description and management of Internal Control Systems, the Optimiso Group has developed a new exclusive module that allows companies to obtain, with just one click, a snapshot to check the performance of controls. The regulatory burden of internal control becomes a real benefit for companies and public institutions.

Companies often need to have an Internal Control System based on United States models such as COSO or ISAE 3402. These requirements, imposed by customers or by authorities, are generally perceived as a tedious regulatory constraint for which no benefits are seen. However, internal control is an extremely effective way of reducing the risks inherent in the activity of any enterprise if implemented in a useful and pragmatic way.

A snapshot of the Internal Control System

Aware of this problem, the Optimiso Group has developed a feature for its flagship product, the Optimiso software: a dashboard that allows the pulse of the Internal Control System to be taken in just one click.

The software monitors the performance of the controls and instantly creates an overview of where they have been correctly carried out, and then sends alerts for any inconsistencies found. Employees are then assisted in carrying out the checks and the Optimiso software then replaces them in confirming or not the proper functioning of the internal control.

External auditors needing to validate the existence of the Internal Control System need only consult the reports issued in a moment by the Optimiso software: monitoring controls, risk matrices, control evidence, etc.

The dashboard in brief

Thomas Kortmoller, director and founder of the Optimiso Group, describes the dashboard as follows: "Guiding a company is like flying a plane: you need to be able to see the flight indicators on the instrument panel at a glance. In the case of an aircraft, the risk is crashing, and for a company, the risk is major malfunction, loss of money and precious time, or even the risk of crashing while believing everything is under control when it is not".

A powerful and easy-to-use tool that provides real benefit and frees executives and employees from a tedious constraint.

About Optimiso Group SA

Founded in 2005, the Optimiso Group offers solutions for Internal Control, ISO Certifications, Risk Management and internal organisation. With headquarters in Geneva and offices in Lausanne and Paris, the group quickly became the preferred partner for private companies and public administrations in Switzerland and abroad. The methods and software offered are the result of 20 years of research and field experience. The flagship products include the Optimiso Suite software which aims to transform regulatory constraints into real benefits for the company.

More informations: www.optimiso-group.com


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Published on 11/21/2018, 1:47 PM on 24presse.com
Gonze Tiffany
Optimiso Group


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