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"Eva & Dantes" - Album

Published on 10/29/2019, 12:09 PM

Dantes Dai Liang, is a french singer who writes and sings original songs in chinese, in french and english. Passionate about China, he learned Mandarin at a very young age. He met a great success with an international audience through his melodic pop rock songs. A sincere and authentic success. Style: Pop melodic and pop rock is a pionnier of the French Mando Pop.

His meeting with Eva was unavoidable. All charm and strength, an amazing view of the world and its beauty. It is a magical duo that unites two cultures, two loves and communicates to us an essential passion and peace. Harmony is all the symbol of this album inspires, sings in French, English and Mandarin.

EVA & DANTES – Album
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Distribution The Orchard

Track List
-    01 – I Know You Know
-    02 – Forever in Boao
-    03 – Going to the Grave
-    04 – It’s not my fault
-    05 – Wo Ai Bulietani
-    06 – Moliyene
-    07 – Meili Li Ang
-    08 – Yongyuan Zai Bao
-    09 – Rendez vous

Apple Music Eva & Dantes  

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4NB1WMuu2RPX6eiD1eu4fk?si=RZzv-KmoREqOFJQue2VL4Q

YouTube https://youtu.be/yQuyYQIsUz8

Fanlinks https://fanlink.to/ccfX



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