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EHA - Album Paris Rio New York

Published on 06/04/2020, 12:19 PM

A music without frontiers, an album that transcends genres
For EHA's third album, a group very representative of the multi-cultural scene of Paris in the 2000s, guitarist and composer Philippe Coignet has assembled an international and exceptional line-up: Mike Stern (USA, guitar), Cacau de Queiroz (Brazil, saxophones and flute), Minino Garay (Argentina, percussion), Michel Alibo (Martinique, bass), Andy Narell (USA, steel pans), Leandro Aconcha (Switzerland), Damien Schmitt (Switzerland), , drums), Mario Contreras (Chile, percussion, tiplé), Juan Manuel Forero (Colombia, percussion, vocals), Lionel Segui (France, trombone, tuba), Sulaiman Hakim (USA, sax), Rubinho Antunes (Brazil, trumpet)
Paris Rio New York is the perfectly successful fusion between World Music, Jazz and Funk, electric and acoustic sounds, we can bet that some of the tracks of this album will become standards
Powerful, inventive and simply beautiful, the best of world jazz... Explosive!

EHA – Album Paris Rio New York
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

01 – 1984 - Fanfare
02 – Mars
03 – Missie Didie
04 – Nuits Magnetiques
05 – 1984 – Funky cover
06 – 2 Stars in my Skies
07 – Celeste A
08 – Toronto Layover
09 – Dudatjo
10 – Plain Dance
11 – Queen of my Nights
Apple Music https://music.apple.com
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/
YouTube https://youtu.be/ZXMFkAAJnrU 
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