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Published on 17/10/2019 à 12:31

IOAN STREBA, Romanian musician who has been based in Paris for many years, proposes with this original project mixing his musical influences gipsy with a very modern jazz. What could be better than Paris, solidly accompanied by three musicians’ referents of the jazz scene: Philippe Milanta on piano, Bruno Rousselet has double bass and Philippe Soirat has drums, to try a meeting between these two free universes, from west to east?

The bar is set high, and the result surprising, which is reminiscent of the clarinet of Buddy by Franco or Eddie Daniels or quartets of Desmond, Coltrane or Gets...

However, it is a contemporary music, perfectly original, in which the phrase and structures of the blues permeate the original compositions of Ioan, or vice versa!...

A rich album of a festive Quintet or an Ethnic Trio - Gipsy jazz blues.

Ethnic Gipsy Blues
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd - The Orchard

- 01 – After Ionel Show
- 02 – Descent Blues
- 03 – Blues Funky Orient
- 04 – Clasik and Gypsy Blues
- 05 – Petit Etude Blues
- 06 – Samba Gypsy Blues
- 07 – Valachie Blues
- 08 – Blues Modave
- 09 – Diminished Blues
- 10 – Blues Oriental Gypsy
- 11 – Blues Geamparale
- 12 – Blues Balade

Apple Music Balkans Jazz (Gypsy Blues)

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1GhGaN5R8FJAEk01iHyUZ2?si=6spfzC0PTq-bOkazTOSUMg

YouTube https://youtu.be/pg4QgFd-qyI

Fanlinks https://fanlink.to/cbbv


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Braoude Lydia
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