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Masae Gimbayashi - "Odyssey"

Published on 04/13/2023, 4:21 PM

An emotional Fujiyama…

Masaé Gimbayashi is a volcano of poetry and strolling between Chick Corea and Claude Debussy. A whole world that invites itself under the fingers of this pianist from the Japanese shores to the French coasts.

A guest Hirokazu Ishida, came to illuminate original compositions and new interpretations. Masaé Gimbayashi-Bullhead is a Japanese pianist who settled in France more than twenty years ago. Daughter of the great haiku poet His influence is carried by the poetry and the music that go together.

Masaé Gimbayashi with his latest album, is the outbreak of a Western promise by a syncretism bringing new concept rich with a consecration, the artist's career. The path taken by Masae is made of discretion, of mature choice, in an astonishing musical approach by its method, giving the desire to immerse itself in the life of the composers, in order to understand the senses of  the works .... 

Guest Hirokazu Ishida 
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd 
Distribution The Orchard – Sony Music 

1 - Theme Sakurada
“Children’s songs - Chick Corea
7 - Mininmal Zen
15 - Bleu Tranquille 
16 - Improvisations 
Au total 26 Titres d’interpretations et d’improvisations.

Concerts : 
2023/4/30 Nagoya Doxy with Takarako Tomita, Hirokazu Ishida 19:00
2023/5/02 Yokohama Airegin with Hirokazu Ishida 19:00
2023/5/06 Tokyo Takagi klavier Shoto salon 17:00
2023/5/13 Cuy-St-Fiacre, festival de Pierre en lumière
2023/6/10 Beauvais, le Tongaso with Hirokazu Ishida, trio Mamamiah 21:00
2023/6/17 Rouen, Rouen piano with Hirokazu Ishida, trio Mamamiah 19:30
2023/7/02 Paris, Théâtre île Saint Louis with Hirokazu Ishida 15:00 invitée Maria Moreno

Apple Music : https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1673408866 
Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/album/4oallIXtxjtP70RI07Lvq5
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3fSJDgPJO4


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