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Aerosol Valve & Actuator Leader PRECISION announces the launch of two radically innovative Actuators: SMART 35 & STYLISH 52

Published on 25/01/2023 à 16:19

Today, PRECISION is proud to announce the launch of two radically innovative actuators SMART 35 & STYLISH 52, powered by the disruptive STORM® Technology

The first actuators powered by the disruptive STORM® Technology - which negates the need for the insert while keeping excellent spray quality - SMART 35 and STYLISH 52 also benefit from radical designs: one piece, no insert, extremely light and without overcap. This new generation of actuators from PRECISION offers to the aerosol industry players an innovative solution to the increasingly complex question: “how to generate savings in improving sustainability”?

SMART 35, the lightest cup-fitting all-in-one actuator on the market

With an exceptional optimized weight of only 2.0g and with no need for an overcap, SMART 35 is the lightest one-in-all actuator on the market, offering the same functionalities - including the spray quality - as the current more complex and heavier actuators. One-piece, one-resin, elegant, convenient, and ultra-light, SMART 35 is the ultimate reference for combining savings and sustainability. With this cup-fitting actuator it is even possible to optimize both packaging cost and inventory by using SMART 35 for a complete range of different can diameters.

STYLISH 52, the new reference for sustainable and cost-efficient spraycap actuators

“Powered by the STORM® Technology and by design significantly lighter (just 4.6g) than competing products, STYLISH 52 is a unique market solution. Its one piece, one resin, elegant and convenient design makes it the right choice for combining savings and sustainability. Despite its ultra light weight, STYLISH 52 offers a superior top load resistance. STYLISH 52 is a spraycap fitting 52mm diameter tin plate cans.”

The modern and elegant designs of SMART 35 & STYLISH 52 make them perfect options for Personal Care or Household segments, among others. The two actuators, mono-piece and, mono-resin PP, are available with PCR option.

Benefiting from the new and disruptive generation of economic and sustainable actuators? It all starts with you.

For    further    details,    please    visit    the    dedicated    page    on    PRECISION’s    website: 
www.precisionglobal.com/SMART and www.precisionglobal.com/STYLISH

To learn about product availability or to receive samples, please contact your regular PRECISION sales representative or fill out a request at: www.precisionglobal.com/get-in-touch.

2.0 g4.6 g


PRECISION, the inventor of the modern aerosol valve, is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of aerosol valves, actuators, and other dispensing solutions for various end-markets, such as the personal care, household, food, industrial, and pharmaceutical markets. With 17 facilities in 15 countries on 6 continents, PRECISION is the only player that offers global coverage.

For more information: www.precisionglobal.com / groupmarketing@precisionglobal.com


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