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ARMOR strengthens strategic partnerships with Ultimaker and Raise 3D

Published on 05/22/2019, 3:10 PM

Over the past two years, ARMOR has been developing multiple partnerships with entrepreneurial and industrial 3D printer manufacturers, such as Ultimaker, Raise3D, Intamsys, Aon3D, and miniFactory. ARMOR wants to gain approval for Kimya filaments for use in their machines, thereby making the printing process more accessible to all users. It is a major issue for ARMOR, whose objective is to target the various industrial sectors seek.

Strategic partnerships with professional producers

Kimya is part of the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program launched in April 2018 by the Dutch manufacturer. The PLA-R Kimya and ABS-ESD Natural filaments are now approved for all the 3D FDM printers of the brand, from the Ultimaker 2+ to the new S5. Accordingly, all users now benefit from predefined printing profiles using our two grades and are able to print high-quality functional prototypes and finished parts.

Paul Heiden, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Ultimaker: "We have observed considerable interest in the Ultimaker Material Alliance since its launch. In just twelve months we have collaborated with numerous international companies to unlock new applications and have obtained astounding results. Professional users are now able to select a material with protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), enabling engineers and designers in the electronics industry to make the most out of desktop 3D printing."

ARMOR has also signed a strategic partnership with Raise3D and is participating in the Raise3D Open Filament Program. Five of the Kimya grades are now officially compatible with the US manufacturer’s range: PLA-HI, PLA-S, ABS Carbon, ABS Kevlar, and PETG Carbon. The five Kimya filaments have been approved for the 3D N Series printers, and soon for the Pro2 range.

"Our 3D printer partners share our vision of adding value to industrial end-users. Our goal within ARMOR is to optimize the use of this technology to bring the best results in response to the needs of use of our customers, all over the world. In each partnership we sign, we position ourselves as a key element in the success of this business model where close cooperation between all parties is strategic. Our long-term vision will be to adapt the machines to final applications and materials for mass production." Explains Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage, Business Development Director at ARMOR 3D.

Partnerships with high-temperature 3D printer manufacturers

ARMOR has developed a full range of high-performance Kimya grades requiring specific printing parameters, such as the existence of a heated chamber and a nozzle that can reach temperatures of at least 350°C to 400°C. The company is currently working with multiple high-temperature machine manufacturers to define optimum printing profiles and therefore offer industrial users a solution tailored to their specific requirements.

The Chinese manufacturer INTAMSYS is running tests using the PEI-1010 and PEKK Carbon filaments. If the results are conclusive the materials will join the Intamsys Customer Application Program which provides dedicated profiles for all users of the Funmat range. Other tests are ongoing with ApiumTec, BigRep, Orion…

Lastly, the PEKK-A developped by ARMOR is currently used by various industrial companies in the technical machines of AON3D and miniFactory.




ARMOR specializes in the industrial formulation of inks and the coating of thin layers onto thin films. The Group is the global market leader in the design and manufacture of thermal transfer ribbons for printing variable traceability data on labels and flexible packaging. The European market leader in innovative and sustainable printing services and consumables, the Group is a pioneer in the development and production of industrial inks and innovative materials, such as organic solar films, coated collectors for electric batteries and bespoke filaments for additive manufacturing. With an international presence, ARMOR has nearly 1,900 employees in some 20 different countries. In 2018 it posted annual revenue of €265m. Each year the group invests nearly €30m in R&D and industrial development. ARMOR is a responsible company committed to stimulating innovation within society.



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