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Feedback about Hack in Paris 2018

Published on 07/12/2018, 10:47 AM

Once again, Hack In Paris talks were attended by more than 600 people and trainings were attended by 150 people, among them 30 speakers and trainers of international renown.

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The 8th edition of the event Hack In Paris took place in the Maison de la Chimie, at the heart of Paris. In this exceptional venue, the event was divided into 1-day to 3-day trainings and a 2-day conference. Dedicated to IT security professionals (CISO, CIO...) and technical experts in hacking, this annual meeting was followed by more than 750 people, a record for the event.

The first three days of Hack In Paris were devoted to trainings. Twelve international experts taught a set of theoretical and practical knowledges on different topics.

Talks then took place on 28-29 June. This year for the first time, talks were live translated in French! A service appreciated by French people not very comfortable in English. With a huge success like every year, a debate was organized with the AI topic (Artificial Intelligence).

Also, this year our team set up a « SE challenge », open to everyone, including 3 scenarios (Phishing, Malware, Social Engineering). Everybody could participate during the 2-day conferences and prizes were at stake. This year the winning team who captured all the flags is Insecurity. 

The event now over, Hack In Paris team would like to thank all the contributors,  Maison de la Chimie team, as well as all the participants who have made this week a unique and enriching experience. Sysdream also thanks its sponsors Advens, CenturyLink, Ec-Council, NTT Security, ON-X, Outscale, Sogeti, Yogosha, Zenconnect, Microsoft, Oppida, Orange, Veracode et Datadog.

If you didn’t had the opportunity to attend at the conference or would like to see again the contents of the 2-day talks, visit our Youtube channel we’ll post the videos this week:

All the slides of Hack In Paris talks are also available on our website: www.hackinparis.com

Website : https://hackinparis.com

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Published on 07/12/2018, 10:47 AM on 24presse.com
MARTIN Caroline


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