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Hack in Paris 2017 Wrap-up

Publié le 17/07/2017 à 12:21

This year again, Hack in Paris welcomed more than 600 attendees, 30 international trainers & speakers from all around the world.

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Hack in Paris 7th edition at the Hotel Newport Bay Club Convention Center just finished. In this amazing place, the event has been driven by three days of trainings and two days of talks in English.

Dedicated to IT security and hacking experts, this yearly “Rendez-vous” brought 600 people together, a new record for Hack in Paris.

From June 19th to 21st, six international experts taught attendees some of their theoretical & practical knowledge during trainings :

- Corelan Advanced, with Peter Van Eeckhoutte
- Offensive Mobile Application Exploitation, with Prateek Gianchandani
- Practical IoT Hacking, with Aseem Jakhar
- Developing Burp Suite Extensions, with Luca Carettoni
- Practical SAP Netweaver ABAP Pentest, with Yvan Genuer
- Smart Lockpicking, Hands-on exploiting IoT devices, with Slawomir Jasek

The talks took place on June 22nd and 23rd. Jayson E. Street started the show, introducing physical pentesting and international IT security. Then, speakers followed him during 15 conferences. Some dealt with technical presentations, exposing IoT (Internet of Things) failures, or how to secure as much as possible different networks, web apps, databases… Some other chose to talk about the social aspects of hacking & hackers in our present world.

Once again, Winn Schwartau ran a debate, this time dealing with Hackers role facing the Media, Truth, Trust and Alternative facts. Michael Masucci, Hollywood producer, Deral Heiland, IT researcher, Annie Machon British whistleblower and Winn Schwartau involved the public and debated on this subject two hours long.

The week ended with La Nuit du Hack on June 24th, confunded by Sysdream and HZV. This event was a great success too, recording more than 2 000 participants for its 15th edition.

Now that the event is closed, Hack in Paris team wants to thank all of the participants, trainers, speakers and the Convention Center’s staff who made of this event a unique and rewarding experience for everyone. Sysdream also thanks its sponsors : EC-Council, Checkmarx, Yes We Hack and Beyond Security.

If you did not attend the event or want to access the talks replays, check out our Youtube playlist: goo.gl/X8FfnF

The slides are also available on our website: www.hackinparis.com

About Sysdream :

Sysdream is a French company specialized in audits and tranings in the field of IT-security, but also the founder of Hack in Paris, and a partner of La Nuit du Hack. Sysdream was created to satisfy a growing need for auditing skills and training from the attacker’s perspective (offensive security) for companies requiring a high level of security for their information systems.

Discover Sysdream service at 
For more information about Hack In Paris: www.hackinparis.com 
Discover the Talks Videos: www.goo.gl/X8FfnF

Twitter : twitter.com/hackinparis 

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