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Introducing Webtrans, a new European haulage platform with exclusive financing and credit insurance services

Publié le 27/09/2017 à 15:03

Webtrans, the international online haulage platform, is making a big impact with the most competitive services on the market and unbeatable financing and credit insurance guarantees.
Introducing Webtrans, a Swiss platform operating in Europe, dedicated exclusively to online haulage management. Although it has only just made its public appearance, Webtrans has a lot of work and major investment behind it, guaranteeing the most competitive services on the market. What is clear is that it is making a big impact and is keen to offer a comprehensive, high-quality professional-to-professional service.
Webtrans combines the most important elements of a haulage platform with security in payment collection, financing and technology. The unique services it offers its clients, breaking new ground in the market, are the result of exhaustive market analysis, in-depth knowledge of the sector, the experience of financial professionals and cutting-edge technology, enabling their work to be fully optimised and maximising profitability.

We reach further

“We reach further” is not only its advertising slogan but also a maxim clearly reflecting the business philosophy that defines Webtrans and faithfully reflects its determination to stand shoulder to shoulder with hauliers, meeting their needs, always giving much more in benefits and services and reaching places others do not reach.
Its sophisticated services are aimed at hauliers, logistics operators and companies. Webtrans’s freight exchange is already revolutionising the haulage market, because its clear objectives, guaranteeing payment collection for hauliers and transport agencies and neutralising risks, are proving persuasive to many of the actors involved in the haulage business. In short, we are talking about providing values like security, efficiency, peace of mind, reliability and profitability.
Joining Webtrans is very easy. With just one click and some simple browsing, users have access to benefits that reach much further, beyond what any other operator is currently offering. That is why its flagship services WebSecure, WebFinance and WebTracking are already on everyone’s lips.

Websecure: guaranteeing invoice payment collection
When it comes to reaching further than the rest Webtrans matches its words with deeds, through services like Websecure, designed to guarantee collection of invoice payments and save users having to bear the risk of non-payment. This assistance plays a really important part in ensuring the peace of mind Webtrans offers thanks to its partnership with Coface, a world leader in credit insurance.
Websecure is the solution that guarantees effective management and protects companies, hauliers and agencies against non-payment and the problems it causes. We should not forget that 25% of business failures are due to unpaid bills, and that is why Websecure’s mission is to ensure that invoice payments are collected and their clients remain solvent.
Webfinance: advancing invoice payment collection in less than 72 hours
Another of the flagship benefits Webtrans offers its users is the Webfinance service, which advances invoice payment collection in less than 72 hours, so clients can forget about suppliers’ payment periods and suppliers themselves do not have to negotiate them. With a single click it is the most effective way to obtain liquidity immediately, with the guarantee that the money will be in your account in a maximum of 72 hours with no investigation or credit committee, no need for sureties or bank guarantees and no long-term contracts or obligations.
Webtrans’s financing system is simple and flexible because it is designed on a professional-to-professional basis to offer the peace of mind hauliers and agencies need to be able to concentrate 100% on their work and not have to worry about payments.
Webtracking: monitoring the status of goods at every moment
Webtracking is Webtrans’s innovative process offering tracking in real time and location of freight by satnav provided free of charge to hauliers. This enables them to make sure of their service through validation in real time of every stage in the delivery, by computer or mobile phone. In addition, clients are kept informed on the tracking of goods by means of a service that centralises and optimises freight management with a simple mobile app in just one click.
Webtracking offers logistics operators many advantages, foremost among which are optimising tracking of their hauliers’ deliveries in real time, guaranteeing monitoring of their clients’ goods and saving time in checking and sending documents.
At the same time, for companies Webtracking means being able to send freight orders directly and easily to their hauliers, having constant direct access to the system and monitoring the delivery process and accessing information in real time to be aware of possible incidents.

All these benefits are available to any user with a computer or a mobile phone. Come in at www.ewebtrans.com/en and find out for yourself that in just a few clicks you can join Webtrans, a great haulage platform that is constantly evolving with new applications to offer its users the chance to always reach further.

For more information and registration : www.ewebtrans.com/en

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