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Mainframe cost control: new version software to get the most out of country multiplex pricing

Publié le 17/01/2017 à 13:51

IBM clients can maximize cost reduction potential of CMP with AutoSoftCapping V4.0.

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To support its clients in getting the most out of Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP), zCost Management announces today the release of CMP-ready version 4.0 of its mainframe software AutoSoftCapping. This solution is designed to help IBM clients control their Monthly License Charges and improve quality of service with a resource sharing system. Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP) is a sub-capacity pricing mechanism for z/OS and z/TPF that allows clients to use their z Systems capacity within a given country. As such, a Multiplex is the collection of all eligible IBM z Systems machines or sysplexes or both within a single country measured as one machine for purposes of software sub-capacity reporting. In essence, IBM has created a country-wide z Systems platform and removed many of the previous reporting methodologies limitations.

“More and more IBM clients are planning their migration to Country Multiplex Pricing to lower their mainframe costs. Some of our clients are expecting a reduction of 15 to 25% of their MLC. With AutoSoftCapping version 4.0 offering a new operating mode for CMP, they can obtain an extra 5% to 10% reduction.”, said Jacky Hofbauer, CSO and President of zCost Management. “With the new “Flying MSU” feature, resources are exchanged across all of the machines which means that MSUs are always at the right place, at the right moment and for the right price.”
Mainframe departments are facing a delicate dilemma. IT budgets are shrinking but business needs require growing resources. Respecting SLAs with less and less budget is a challenging task for mainframe experts.

"Our mission at zCost Management is to help customers to optimize their z/IT resources while reducing, controlling and analyzing their z/IT budgets. Version 4.0 of our ASC solution is a strategic response to customers’ inevitable requirements based on new IBM announcements." said Jacky Hofbauer.

About AutoSoftCapping®

AutoSoftCapping, or ASC, automatically and dynamically adjusts clients defined capacity levels while ensuring quality of service, resulting in a lower Monthly License Charge bill. Furthermore, AutoSoftCapping offers user-friendly and in-depth web reporting to track activity and quickly identify opportunities for improvement. The combination of task automation and detailed activity monitoring frees precious time for mainframe experts to focus on other, high value-added, activities.

About zCost Management

zCost Management SAS is a French software manufacturer specializing in cost control on mainframes for the past 10 years. Headquarters are in La Turballe, Bretagne, and their software solutions are distributed worldwide through various offices and a large distribution network. zCost Management team is dedicated to the support and development of the mainframe ecosystem and works tirelessly to support customers with the efficient running of their Mainframe activity. Their close relationship with IBM enables them to test their products in a complex environment on new hardware releases, such as a z13 with 80 LPARs.

More informations :  www.zcostmanagement.com


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LEROY Melissa
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