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Mobile: Mount and charge your phone at the same time with FoneDrop

Published on 11/18/2020, 12:07 PM

Charging, protection, data transfer, mounting… smartphone users can have it all in one place with the new FoneDrop smart case.
Thanks to POGO technology, which combines wireless charging technology with data transfer capabilities, this 3-in-1 smart case puts usability first, going above and beyond the remit of a typical protective case.
Target market: remote workers and professionals on the move.

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How FoneDrop works

FoneDrop acts as an entire ecosystem for mobile users going about their daily business.

The POGO Case, which comprises a magnetic strip and built-in POGO charging technology, is easy to set up on smartphones. Users then simply have to mount their smartphone on the POGO Cable charging dock to being charging their device wirelessly.

For total flexibility, the POGO Cable itself can be mounted in vehicles, placed on a desk, or affixed to any surface the user desires.

Main features

  • Premium design
  • Dual layer shockproof case
  • Wireless charging
  • Data transfer capabilities
  • Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatible
  • POGO Wireless charger
  • Magnetic docking
  • Easily sticks to any surface
  • Compatible with USB fast charging


Top quality protection

The Pogo Case is extremely durable, thanks to its dual-layer design, which provides superior protection against accidental drops. A sturdy exterior layer made of polycarbonate protects phones from scratches and direct impact damage.

The case’s interior layer, made of a softer anti-shock material, considerably reduces the impact of any bumps or bangs the phone may suffer.

The FoneDrop case feels both comfortable and secure when held, with its inspired, elegant design and anti-slip coating

And, seamlessly integrated into the case’s spine, the one-of-a-kind design of the POGO magnetic strip will be sure to pique more than a bit of curiosity.

An alternative to inductive charging with POGO technology

For smartphones that don’t feature inductive charging capabilities, POGO wireless charging technology provides the perfect alternative. Compatible with both Samsung Fast Charge and Quick Charge, FoneDrop lets you rapidly recharge your device without damaging its battery.

In contrast with inductive charging, however, FoneDrop POGO technology also possesses data transfer capabilities, useful for sharing data with PCs, and vital for connecting to Android Auto/Apple CarPlay whilst on the move.


Magnetic adhesion

Mounting your device without looking is as intuitive as can be with FoneDrop. The magnetic strip contained within the POGO case allows you to easily place and secure your phone on the dock.

Android Auto/Apple CarPlay

FoneDrop is entirely compatible with vehicles that offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The POGO Car-S is easy and quick to set up, allowing you to safely enjoy your smartphone’s vehicle-friendly functions at the wheel.

Preserve your charging port

Once wrapped around your smartphone and connected, the POGO case doesn’t need to be removed again. This prevents your charging port from suffering damage over time. FoneDrop has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

If you do need to charge your phone without your POGO cable, however, then you can simply remove the connector in the POGO case and pop in a traditional charging cable.

case fonedrop

POGO Case 

Slide your smartphone into the POGO case and plug the POGO

Case connector into your charging port. 

Getting started with FoneDrop is that quick.

The case safely protects your phone from daily bumps and bangs.

It offers all the advantages of POGO technology alongside efficient magnetic docking.

pogo cable

POGO Cable 

Thanks to its modest size, the POGO Cable can be taken anywhere.

Its adhesive pad allows it to be fixed to any surface, and just like that, you can mount your phone anywhere in a flash.


POGO Mount-T 

The POGO Mount-T (or POGO Telescopic Mount) is a must-have on any professional’s desk.

Its suction cup allows for secure mounting, and its folding arm can be adjusted to an optimal position, letting you keep an eye on everything going on on your smartphone.

Set up a second screen for your emails, make video calls a breeze, or transfer data to your computer, all whilst keeping your device charged.

poga car s


The POGO Car-S (or POGO Car-Stabilised) is the perfect product for making the most of FoneDrop’s features at the wheel.

The POGO Car-S can be easily and securely fixed to your vehicle’s ventilation grill with the included clip and stabilisers.

The magnets at work will ensure that your smartphone will be safely held to the mount.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will activate automatically, letting you easily use all available features.

The mount keeps your phone charged throughout the journey, so once you leave your vehicle, your phone is 100%-ready to go.


As low as 45 €
Online shop:  https://mobseal.fr/produits


About Mobseal

Mobseal, a subsidiary of Tablette Store, is a Brittany-based firm that has spent years offering complete portability solutions for tablets for professional use.

With over 11,000 Tablets equipped with TabDrop, Tablette Store and DropSeal have devised a new TabDrop-inspired solution for smartphones, with the aim of maximising accessibility for mobile users. This B2C concept has been named FoneDrop.

Press contact

Nicolas Théaudin
(33) 2 99 37 96 48 / (33) 6 09 55 71 70
Online shop :  https://mobseal.com/products


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