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One motion to attach and charge your iPhone 6 : Up' mobile, the innovative wireless charging system for smartphones

Publié le 11/02/2015 à 13:33

Done with bulky cables and damaged connectors ! With a simple "click", attach and charge your phone with the new mobile accessories line : "Up' mobile".

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Innovative and unique

Smartphones and other devices featuring the QI system (international standard for wireless charging) are easily installed or are already installed and can democratize charge the phone via an inductive platform.

The QI system has a power transmission pad and a compatible receiver in a portable device. To use the system, the mobile device is placed on top of the power transmission pad, which charges it via resonant inductive coupling.

Through the Up' mobile line, Exelium brings improvements to the Qi charging by incorporating a magnetic mounting system. It allows the automatic positioning of the support and the receiver, so that the charge starts instantly while mounting in one quick motion.


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The advantages of the Exelium Magnetized Wireless Power Station

Qi technology gradually developed into a standard for wireless charging (like the Wi-Fi for internet) ! In the long run, cables will tend to disappear to make way for the wireless system.

- Practicality, a gesture to start charging
- Universality between QI devices
- Preservation of the connection (which may not be damaged by trying to connect the cable)
- Increasing the battery life - In fact the charging stops when the battery is full unlike the wire charging !
- No power consumption when the device is not supported

Up' mobile line

UPMAI6 : Wireless receiver case for iPhone 6 - 49,90$
UPMAI6P : Wireless receiver case for iPhone 6 Plus - 49,90$
UPM2i6 : Wireless receiver case for iPhone 6 + Car Power station - 79,90$ - SPECIAL OFFER
UPMSS5 : Magnetized receiver patch for Samsung Galaxy S5 (to be placed inside the phone) - 19,90$
UPMSN4 : Magnetized receiver patch for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - 19,90$
UPMU01 : Magnetized patch for QI technology included phone - 15,90$
UPM100 : Wall Power station - 39,90$
UPM200 : Car Power station - 49,90$
UPM500 : Desk power station - 44,99$


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Available on Amazon.com

More information
 : www.exelium.net



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