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Partner Communications selects iFeelsmart to launch Partner tv services on stb and multiscreen

Publié le 27/06/2017 à 15:00

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Partner Communications (www.partner.co.il), a leading Israeli communications operator, today announced the launch of its TV Service, Partner TV, on 4K AndroidTV Set Top Box and on Mobile/Tablet devices. Partner TV applications and User Interface are powered by iFeelSmart (www.ifeelsmart.com), the Digital TV innovator and Multiscreen Application solution provider.

Partner TV is blending the best of linear and on-demand services, bringing to the Israeli audience not only the best-tailored LiveTV channels packages, but also a unique set of On Demand content, Catch Up TV and Network Recordings.

The solution is available at launch on AndroidTV Set Top Box, integrating Netflix® within this experience, and will be also downloadable on iPhone®, iPad®, Android Mobile and Tablets to offer a full TV-Everywhere service.

The service provides a disruptive Digital TV experience, based on OTT innovative approach with the support of Cloud DVR feature.

Partner and iFeelSmart have collaborated to design and integrate the most advanced User Experience for Digital TV and offer to the Israeli public what is certainly today one of the richest TV experience worldwide.


Partner Communications s'associe à d’ifeelsmart

"We are thrilled to see this product coming into the Israeli market", commented Shy Shriqui, President at iFeelSmart. "This is the result of a very fruitful collaboration of Partner’s and iFeelSmart’s product, design and engineering teams putting a lot of efforts and creativity, gathering talented people in Israel, France, USA, Korea, to deliver this solution that will certainly become a flagship for us, and a major reference on what is the future of TV. We are very proud at iFeelSmart to see this product launched in Israel, which, as a Start-Up Nation, is always a major reference for the high end technologies."

"The collaboration with iFeelSmart gave us a significant advantage at launch", said Liran Dan, VP Business Development and Strategy at Partner Communications. "The experience brought by iFeelSmart, following similar collaborations with Telco's launching AndroidTV based TV services in other territories, helped us in bringing a cutting-edge innovative service to the Israeli TV consumer. Partner TV provides answer to all the traditional TV viewing needs, as well as to the needs of modern day viewing habits, in which viewers consume more and more streaming content, using open platforms."

About Partner Communication

Partner Communications Company Ltd. ("Partner") is a leading Israeli provider of telecommunications services (cellular, fixed-line telephony and internet services). Partner’s ADSs are quoted on the NASDAQ Global Select Market™ and its shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (NASDAQ and TASE: PTNR).

For more information about Partner see : www.partner.co.il/en/Investors-Relations/lobby/

About iFeelSmart 

iFeelSmart offers its advanced off-the-shelf, customizable solutions for service providers (Telco, Cable, Sat). iFeelSmart's User Experience is blending Live TV with OTT content, keeping a very TV-centric approach with a progressive engagement towards new innovative services.

This solution for Set Top Box targets the new Android TV ecosystem and comes complete with a multiscreen app available on Mobile/Tablet/Desktop.

iFeelSmart’s solutions are powering the TV Applications of the most innovative Service Providers in France, USA and Israel

Find more : http://www.ifeelsmart.com
Twitter feed : @ifeelsmart


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