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Sofresh trousers by Solidur: Stay protected even in hot weather

Publié le 28/06/2018 à 15:02

The manufacturer of professional protective equipment for outdoor workers launches the Sofresh trousers, protective trousers specially designed to work under high temperatures.

While the episodes of hot weather are expected to multiply, the manufacturer of professional protective equipment, Solidur, expands its offer for Loggers and Outdoor Workers: While keeping all assets of the typical Solidur trousers, the manufacturer added a 5-layers protection (Class 1) that provides great freedom of movement. The new trousers, called Sofresh, offers unparalleled breathability.
Breathable mesh

"Sofresh trousers provide essential comfort in case of hot weather," said Anthony Le Bigot, the head of Solidur. "especially designed for professionals in the South of France, Italy or Spain, but also Canada or the United States who are often subject to temperatures above 30 ° C." 

The beige color reflects light and warmth, the breathable meshes integrated in front and on the back allow 360 ° C breathing, and the removable gaiters allow ventilation in areas without ticks. Marketed directly on the website of the manufacturer, the Sofresh is accessible for a public sale price of 159 € inc. VAT.

Sofresh trousers. Ref: FRPA
Standard EN381-5: 1995 Class 1 Type A
Retail price: 159 € inc. VAT

Tick removal card 

To achieve compliance with the 2016 decree that requires outdoor workers to carry a card or a tick-tire grip, loggers will be able to store their new tick removal card, designed by Solidur, in the Sofresh trousers. Thanks to its convenient credit card format which limits the risks of loss, it is equipped with two notches for ticks and splinters, a magnifying glass and a hole for a keychain.

Retail price: 2 € inc. VAT

About Solidur

Since 1946, Solidur designs and manufactures PPE for outdoor workers. As a family business, it has stayed close to users to provide them with a combination of comfort, lasting durability and protection. Its vocation: do everything to free the minds of professionals from any security constraint, so that they can fully exercise their profession safely.

For more information: www.solidur.fr

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