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Technology: the French start-up, Mova Systems, launches its portable wireless speakers

Publié le 08/12/2014 à 12:45

The three young French founders of the start-up, Mova Systems, have just announced the release of their wireless portable speakers by making them available for pre-ordering on the participatory financing platform Indiegogo. Mova Systems offers its 2 types of speakers: the mc.mini and the mc.brick.


photo mc.brick


By making their Bluetooth speakers available for pre-ordering on Indiegogo, the three young entrepreneurs hope to find their public and to show that it is possible to buy high quality audio portable speakers without having to pay a fortune.

Mova Systems is counting on the quality of the materials used for the manufacturing of these items so that these two portable speakers can have technical features comparable to those of the most well-known brands.

With a maximum total power of 10 watts, the two types of speakers can be connected to any Bluetooth, NFC or any appliance with an audio jack connection. However, they both have their own specific positive features.

The mc.mini version is unique for its size and weight with still a high audio quality. It can easily be carried in someone’s hand, purse, pocket and it can also be carried around everywhere.

The mc.brick version is recognizable by the presence of a passive radiator on almost all the length of the speaker. This allows the speaker to produce high intensity bass sounds while keeping the quality of mid-range and treble sounds.

Both Bluetooth speakers can be personalized by changing their colors. The mc.mini’s cover or the silicon strip of the brick.mc can be changed according to people’s taste, mood or style. In addition, all speakers are equipped with a microphone and can be used to make hands-free calls.

Thanks to the various functions of their speakers, their technical features and very competitive prices, Mova Sysems hopes to attract music lovers and new technology fans.

Link to Indiegogo

Standard link : www.indiegogo.com/campaigns/mc-mini-mc-brick-portable-wireless-speakers/
Short cut : igg.me/at/mc-speakers-mova-systems/

Press kit :   movasystems.com/fr/kit-de-presse/






Support and documentation website : http://support.movasystems.com/


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