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Yap Energy : Produce 38% of the specific electricity needs for your home thanks to your car

Publié le 17/06/2016 à 14:03

What could seem like utopia is today becoming a reality. The YAP ENERGY system being developed by GROUPE SOLUTION ENERGIE recovers the inertial and residual energy coming from the alternator, and from braking and deceleration. This revolutionary process concerns millions of vehicles running everyday worldwide. The electricity produced freely by cars has been wasted until now

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Using the Yap Energy system this electricity is, now, stored in batteries, ready to be injected to satisfy the electricity needs of your home.

You can earn money with the system by selling on this electricity to other vehicles, at a charging point in a public or company car park by means of induction transfer. For drivers living in flats, it will also be possible to inject or resell this electricity.


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The system can satisfy 38% of the specific electricity needs of a house

It is estimated that all the vehicles circulating, in France, could produce the equivalent of 35 tWh a year, that is equivalent to the annual production of some 5 nuclear power plants.


image yap energy image yap energy

This is the new Yap Energy patent that Groupe Solution Energie is developing while waiting for the large-scale replacement of the many NA engine vehicles worldwide with electric ones.

Groupe Solution Energie is an innovative French actor of the RE market for the residential sector with consolidated turnover of €47.5M, present in France and Internationally in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe. As a leading company in its business area, Groupe Solution Energie forecasts 15% growth in 2016 compared with 2015 and plans to continue its expansion thanks to the European roll out of its BtoB networks and its GSE Integration systems and the GSE Air System, as well as new innovations dedicated to residential property, now being developed.

Press contact : info@yapenergy.com


Download Yap Energy Press Kit


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