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'ANDROMEDE' - Christina Goh

Published on 11/06/2024 à 12:57

More than twenty years after its birth, Christina Goh's musical concept continues to amaze. The "black pearl of Afro-blues" has never been so justly named. With ANDROMEDE, the vocalist redefines her time frame: her powerful, soulful voice retraces the story of Ovid's mythical Andromeda with a set of wonders rooted in forgotten blues and a strangely contemporary sound.

Here, the composer's frequencies twirl between percussion, authentic electric instruments from the 70s and the electronic sounds of the 21st century. This album is a world in itself: that of Andromeda, painted with the pen of Christina Goh, who authentically confirms the uniqueness of a universe.

Andromède - Christina Goh
Album 8 titres, inspired by Les Métamorphoses d’Ovide (Livre IV)
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

Cd Digital
Cd Physical Edition Limitée


1 - Visages Brûlés 
Auteure-compositrice : Christina Goh

2 - Andromède Song 
Auteure-compositrice : Christina Goh

3 - Métamorphoses 
Auteure-compositrice : Christina Goh

4 - Pétrifiés 
Auteure-compositrice : Christina Goh

5 - L'ailleurs 
Auteure-compositrice : Christina Goh

6 - D'hier à demain 
Auteure-compositrice : Christina Goh

7 - Famille (Constellations) 
Auteure-compositrice : Christina Goh

8 - Wings of Imagination
Auteure : Phillis Wheatley (18ème siècle) / Compositrice : Christina Goh

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1734395369 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6wUvjBb0jyKEWnLDta0dop 

YouTube: https://youtu.be/5k3rWiaJHpk 

Cd Physical Store: https://www.cdandvinyl.cdetvinyle.fr/products/andromede-christina-goh-album-cd



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Published on 11/06/2024 à 12:57 sur 24presse.com
Braoude Lydia
Plaza Mayor Company Ltd


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