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Maximilien Mathevon - Album 'Haunted Light'

Published on 04/11/2019 à 15:28

Haunted Light

Haunted light is about light, all sorts of lights, and most especially Northern lights, with their mysterious and beautiful personality. To me, these lights are haunted. They inspired me a pulsating music, full of wonder and contemplative.

I was also inspired by the specificities of light, the speed of light, the way light travels through the void, infrareds, ultra-violets, the shattering of light on a prism.

Maximilien Mathevon

Since 2002, Maximilien Mathevon has composed the music of more than 80 documentaries for French television, including the series "Napoleon", "Papa goes to war", "Muriel Robin and Chanee on the land of jaguars / elephants", "Terror and Glamor, the rise and fall of the Hammer studio"...

He is also the author of electronic music albums released in Cd, vinyl and download.

Maximilien Mathevon - Album “Haunted Light”
The new aurora borealis…
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd

-    01 – Speed of Light
-    02 – Through the Void
-    03 – Infrared
-    04 – Prism
-    05 – Ultraviolet
-    06 – Haunted Light Part 1
-    07 – Haunted Light Part 2
-    08 – Haunted Light Part 3
-    09 – Haunted Light Part 4

Apple Music Haunted Light

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/

YouTube https://youtu.be/G7Y27fuzhTk

FanLinks https://fanlink.to/ceHi



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Braoude Lydia
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