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SCIMIA - Abum 'Little Men In A Giant World'

Published on 11/29/2019, 1:04 PM

The first part of Scimia, this album balances between modernity and retro sounds. Indeed, through 13 tracks bringing together the 3 previous EPs (Awe, Pow and Tré), Scimia takes us into very different universes, between the glitter of the disco years and the brutality of today's techno. The influence of the 80s is very present on songs like Gin, Little Man In A Giant World or Danger, based on disco rhythms and New Wave sounds, but this is only a small part of the album. Indeed, we can find much darker and aggressive pieces like Electronic Warfare, Fit Of Rage, but also softer and melodic titles like Bonobo ... And even a classic cover on the 12th title.

Finally, Little Man In A Giant World is an album full of collaborations. It will include singer Syd Alexander on Little Man In A Giant World and The Name, singer Ben Tremston on Gin and guitarist Félix Béguin on Electronic Warfare. In short, this first album of Scimia is to be procured urgently...

SCIMIA - Album “Little Men In A Giant World”
Electro beat time…
Label Plaza Mayor Company Ltd
Distribution Sergent Major Company Ltd – The Orchard

-    01 - Battle Cry (Introduction)
-    02 - Gin
-    03 - Fit of Rage
-    04 - Electronic Warfare
-    05 - Danger
-    06 - Bonobo
-    07 - Interlude
-    08 - Little Man In A Giant World
-    09 - Hero
-    10 - Awe
-    11 - The Name
-    12 - Bach Cello Suite N.1 (remix)
-    13 - Conclusion

Apple Music Litte Man in a Giant World

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album

YouTube https://youtu.be/1EtyIc9y4HE

Fanlink https://fanlink.to/cisf



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