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Sylvia Howard, Album “Luv U Mad - Concert June 21, 2023 at Cercle Suedois, Paris

Publié le 16/06/2023 à 15:16


"After the recording of trumpeter Bob Tinker, I return to the studio of the Garage, 2 years have passed and the master of the place has refined his equipment and modified our placements in the 5 recording booths, this place becomes more and more comfortable for the artists that we are.

The 1st time I accompanied Sylvia Howard I was struck by the emotion she transmits to the public through the songs she performs. After several experiences, I decided to offer her a recording with a “line up” adapted to this field: standards, but with a more contemporary approach.

I warmly thank Sylvia and the team of musicians for accepting this challenge.

Some original arrangements by Olivier Hutman, the rest in collegial approach and our sound engineer Marc Gilbert takes to the game of mixing and sends everything for mastering to Serge Babkine.

The graphic design returns to the Zone-Ouest studio and Plaza Mayor is present for the editing and distribution. A great human adventure this recording!"
José Fallot

About Sylvia Howard

Born in Indiananapolis, Indiana (USA) and raised in Los Angeles, California, Sylvia's musical career surprisingly begain in Phoenix, Arizona, when she was invited to sit in during a concert of her friend and mentor, Margo Reed. While in Arizona, Sylvia graced the stages of several local jazz clubs and was a valued participant in Community Theater. In 1990 she was First Runner Up in the Ms. Black Arizona Pageant where she also won trophies for Best Talent and Best Model.

Soon after she dreamed of broadening her horizons, so, when offered a contract with the Westin Plaza Hotel in Singapore, her International journey begain ! From Singapore to Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Tunisia and Dubaï, Sylvia performed. After more than ten year's in South East Asia she turned her attention and passion for performing to a more challenging Europe. She now lives in Paris, France.

Apple Music https://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1687275332

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/6Ryo0qXZkJMASZxQQdBkpq

YouTube https://youtu.be/5H97kL6xRGU

Fanlinks https://fanlink.to/i57em



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