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Hack In Paris 2019: a successful ninth edition

Published on 07/04/2019, 11:06 AM

This year, Hack In Paris hosted more than 700 attendees, as well as, 30 renown speakers and trainers from all around the world. A number which is steadily rising since the creation of the event.

Hack in Paris ninth edition has just ended at La Maison de la Chimie. In this unique place, located in the center of Paris, the event was divided into two parts: the first 3 days had been dedicated to trainings and the last 2 days to talks. This event targets cybersecurity professionals and passionate. Also, for this edition, a lot of new activities had been added in order to widen the program of the event.

The first three days had been dedicated to trainings. Indeed, thirteen international experts have taught to their students, a range of theorical and practical knowledge on very diverse subjects. Then, talks took place on the 19th and 20th of June, during which, a simultaneous translation was offered for the second time! In the meantime, during these two days, there had been workshops allowing attendees to learn while having fun.

Among the new activities for this 9th edition, the Wargame organized by Sysdream, the cybersecurity division of the Hub One group, was a real success. Five teams stood out and won prizes according to the level of their score.

Also, for the first time in Paris, there was a Hacker Jeopardy animated by Winn Schwartau who is an expert in the cybersecurity field, confidentiality, infowar and cyber-terrorism. Several teams confronted each other over “cybersecurity” questions, in a relaxed and funny atmosphere.

Finally, the "networking" Hack In Paris party which took place on the Concorde Atlantique boat, welcomed a Live Hacking Event organized in partnership with Yogosha. Two prestigious guests (Thales Digital Factory, Amnesty International) participated to this Bug Bounty, allowing to 40 hackers to find security vulnerabilities.

The event now over, the Hack In Paris organizing team would like to thank all the speakers, trainers, attendees and sponsors: Claranet, Squad, AlgoSecure, IT-Gnosis, CyberArk, Advens, Yogosha, OpenShere who helped in making this week, a unique and rewarding experience for everyone.

You can now discover or watch again the content of the talks on Hack In Paris’ YouTube channel.

The talks and workshops slides are also available on Hack In Paris’ website: www.hackinparis.com

Let’s meet from the 15th to the 19th of June 2020 at the Maison de la Chimie for the 10th edition of the event!

About Sysdream

Sysdream is the cybersecurity division of the Hub One Group. It provides corporate customers, both public and private, in France and abroad, with a wide range of solutions focused on technical and organizational auditing, IT security training and cyber-training. In terms of infrastructure protection, it has an innovative approach to the implementation of a SOC (Security Operating Centre).

To address the issues of cybersecurity of today and tomorrow, it draws on its research laboratory & technology watch. Since it is independent of any hardware or software solution, it can guarantee perfect objectivity in its recommendations and the technical choices operated for its customers. Sysdream is PASSI (Information Systems Security Auditing Service Providers)-certified by the ANSSI (French National Agency for Information System Security).

Sysdream is behind the creation of major events such as Hack In Paris, an event dedicated to cybersecurity professionals, and La Nuit du Hack (Hacking Night), the biggest annual convention for ethical hacking in France.

More information on: Sysdream.com


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Published on 07/04/2019, 11:06 AM on 24presse.com
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