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Xenon150 from RING: Performance halogen bulbs

Published on 06/13/2018, 2:12 PM

Xenon150 Performance Bulb: Up to 150% more light on the road, more than 350 hours of night driving, a longer beam of 80 meters and a whiter light output for safer driving. By offering efficient bulbs and ensuring better visibility Ring offers a solution for a more comfortable driving experience and better security.

ampoule xenon

High Performance Halogen Bulb Xenon150: 150% more light

Road safety is extremely important and visibility is a vital issue for the driver at night.

Currently, many accidents occur at night or in low light conditions. Automotive lighting is an essential factor in road safety. These messages are regularly relayed by Road Safety in France. Motorists look for bulbs to see better (vehicles sometimes old), get tired less driving and ride more safely at night .

Xenon150's high light output makes it easier for motorists to see vehicles, pedestrians and signage more efficiently and quickly, which contributes to the prevention of road accidents. With up to 150% more light on the road, a longer beam of 80 meters compared to a standard bulb and a whiter 3700 K light output, Xenon150 is ideal for safer driving.

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Xenon150 for maximum performance with unequalled lifetime
Ring's Xenon150 performance bulbs, are an award-winning range, of bulbs aimed at improving a vehicle's lighting in terms of performance, style and safety.
Up to 150% more light and the longest life performance halogen on the market
Up to 150% more light on the road, their life can reach up to more than 350 hours of driving, double most of the high performance bulbs on the market. Ring bulbs are ideal for all drivers who often drive at night and who want a more comfortable ride.

They are the most efficient halogen bulbs with the longest life on the market.

The performance of Xenon150 bulbs continues to exceed the highest requirements, confirming Ring's leading position in automotive lighting.

Simple and fast replacement without wiring

All headlamps are not easily accessible when replaced: Xenon150 bulbs replace standard headlight bulbs without expensive cabling or upgrades.


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High Performance Halogen Bulb Xenon150 H4-H7

Tested to the strictest ECE specifications and in accordance with ISO and OEM certifications, they guarantee drivers the efficiency and reliability that Ring is committed to.

Ring Xenon150 bulbs are available in H4 and H7 from most distributors in France, in single and twin packs.

Public price: 19,90 € about the unit or 34,90 € about the pack of two.



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Ring, specialist in automotive lighting

Ring offers one of the most complete ranges of the market for the whole fleet, cars, motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles, machinery of T.P., etc. with more than 600 references.


About RING Automotive

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With almost 40 years of innovation at the service of automotive industry, Ring has been able to impose a quality standard without equal. In close collaboration with their research and development laboratory, Ring develops automotive lighting solutions, equipment and electrical accessories for the professional or for the motorist. By relying on its values: quality, innovation, and performance, Ring is always looking for innovative solutions.

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Published on 06/13/2018, 2:12 PM on 24presse.com
RING Automotive


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